Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool #11-Reflections

I enjoyed learning about new tools to use .  My favorite tools were the Wallwisher and of course the google docs.   I can utilizer the Wallwisher for my vocabulary word builder.

My vision for the classroom has changed.  There are so many web tools that I can incoporate into my lessons.   I can't wait to share my new tools with the students.

Tool #10-Digital Citizenship

Three things that I would want to make sure your students understand about being good digital citizen would be:
1. Establish Clear Expectations – If your students know what is expected of them – what to do, how to do it, and when it’s due – This will empower them to meet their objective.
2.  Personal Responsibility - Make sure they are aware of the potential consequences of their online actions.
3.  Students should also  understand that they are responsible for what they produce and that they should  support and protect their resources and the resources of others that they use.

One resource that I plan to use instructionally is the Texas School Safety Center

Presently, I have a unit that I teach that incorporates digital citizenship including cyber bullying.

I can share the idea of digital citizenship with parents by having the students take home a journal from the unit covered in  class  and for an  additional grade for homework, they will need to have a signature from the parent stating they have read the student's  journal of digital citizenship.

Tool #9-Incorporating Classroom Based Devices

1.  I think it is important to tie technology into the classroom because you can enahnce learning for the students through the appropriate usage of technology and also develop future leaders in technology.
2.  We should hold students accountable for the work stations to teach them responsibility and incorporate values of respect for others and their community.
3.  I enjoyed the Thinkfinity and SBISD Interactive Databases.
a. I could give topics  to  groups of students.
b. Train them in the use of presentation software.
c. Explain how to go about choosing the docsand adding inserting images .
d. Have the groups prepare presentations on their topic. 
e. Each group would have a time frame and checklist of objectives covered.
4.  iPad  apps that I love would be- i photo. i. movie, and iwork.   I can visulize the centers as mesmerizing for the students.  Holding them accountable for their final product will be based on the module timeline.
5.  Students are iPad wonders. Allow them to do research using the iPad. With access to the Internet, students can easily use the iPad to research topics discussed in the classroom. Teachers can refer students to online materials to reinforce educational concepts.

Tool # 8- Taking a Look at the Tools

With the new devices coming into the classroom:
 1.I learned that  you should make sure that the vents stay clear so that the laptop will not overheat.
 2. Web Cam is located on the top cover
 3.  Need to set up an I  -Tune account with SBISD
 4.  Great tips for navigating around the IPOD.

To manage the devices, I would have a secure location/cabinet with a lock and student monitors will do a classroom count before class is dismissed  to make sure that all equipment is accounted for.   Depending on the number of items, students may be assigned  a number to match the equipment and they will have to be checked off at the end of the class period.

Tool #7 Reaching Outside Your Classroom

At the beginning of the year, students are taught internet safety issues.   Using goggle docs, the students and I could brainstorm some issues.   Students will be able to:
1,  Identify five types of personal information
2.  Identify types of online" Stranger Danger"
3.  Identify appropriate people for communication
4.  Identify how to protect themselves from inappropriate internet behavior   The students could share among class periods using google docs or Wall wisher.

Tool #6 Using Web Tools To Promote Discussion

Wallwisher was fun and easy to do.  I can incorporate this tool as brainstorming ideas for various discussions and word bank responses.

After viewing  voxopop,this would be a great tool to use to expand on the vocabulary of may of our ESL students plus interact with other educators and students.

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