Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool # 8- Taking a Look at the Tools

With the new devices coming into the classroom:
 1.I learned that  you should make sure that the vents stay clear so that the laptop will not overheat.
 2. Web Cam is located on the top cover
 3.  Need to set up an I  -Tune account with SBISD
 4.  Great tips for navigating around the IPOD.

To manage the devices, I would have a secure location/cabinet with a lock and student monitors will do a classroom count before class is dismissed  to make sure that all equipment is accounted for.   Depending on the number of items, students may be assigned  a number to match the equipment and they will have to be checked off at the end of the class period.

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  1. I agree with assigning a number to match the equipment.