Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tool #9-Incorporating Classroom Based Devices

1.  I think it is important to tie technology into the classroom because you can enahnce learning for the students through the appropriate usage of technology and also develop future leaders in technology.
2.  We should hold students accountable for the work stations to teach them responsibility and incorporate values of respect for others and their community.
3.  I enjoyed the Thinkfinity and SBISD Interactive Databases.
a. I could give topics  to  groups of students.
b. Train them in the use of presentation software.
c. Explain how to go about choosing the docsand adding inserting images .
d. Have the groups prepare presentations on their topic. 
e. Each group would have a time frame and checklist of objectives covered.
4.  iPad  apps that I love would be- i photo. i. movie, and iwork.   I can visulize the centers as mesmerizing for the students.  Holding them accountable for their final product will be based on the module timeline.
5.  Students are iPad wonders. Allow them to do research using the iPad. With access to the Internet, students can easily use the iPad to research topics discussed in the classroom. Teachers can refer students to online materials to reinforce educational concepts.

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